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When purchasing the MAANS Contour F 750, every buyer gets a state compensation of 25% !!!

• The harvester is used to harvest legume crops such as soy beans, peas, lentils, and also to harvest grain crops.
• The harvester is aggregated with the CLAAS harvesters.
• The harvesting kit is equipped with the MAANS Contour system, which can automatically compensate for irregularities of the soil, both in the transverse and in the longitudinal direction, in relation to the course of the combine, direction, thus adhering to the specified height of the cut.

Manassers MANAS completely use technically possible productivity potential. the smoothly adjustable table of the harvester evenly feeds the product into a threshing machine. In addition, reapers reduce fuel consumption and help the combiner significantly improve performance.

The Flex Flex cutting system allows the harvester to adhere tight to the ground even on a rough surface.
The screw fingers are located throughout the length of the reaper for optimal mass flow.
Automatic speed control and hoist lifting.
Adjustable header separators for springs for smooth movement.
Ideal adaptation for different stem lengths.
Protective casing prevents mass transfer through harvesting, which reduces crop losses.
The Contour system automatically adjusts the position of the reaper to the ground level, provided by position sensors adapted for the combine.
In the production of the MAANS Contour F750, the high quality materials and components of foreign production are used, which is a guarantee of reliability and stability of the work of the reaper:

Special stainless hardened steel, which forms a reaper table.
Italian bars and braids.
The original gearbox Schumacher (Germany).
Cardio shaft Bondioli & Pavesi (Italy).
Special powder paint for agricultural machinery.
The original hydro-engine of foreign production.

Diameter - 1120 mm

Speed ​​- 11-79 rev / min.

Number of layouts - 6

The drive is hydraulic


Type - segment

The drive is Schumacher

Technical characteristics of the reaper:

Width of capture - 7.6 m


flexibility range - 100 mm


Diameter - 580 mm

Speed ​​- 178/151 rpm.

Screw spiral - 100 mm