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Drill Horsch Pronto 6 DC

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Drill 2008 release. Made in Germany for the domestic market.

Extensive application: Drill into mulch, by plowing or direct drilling.

Pronto DC allows seeding at high speed, while maintaining a consistently high quality of seeding thanks to the unique hruntouschilnyuvachiv allowing perfectly align the high soil permeability . Thus, effectively prevents hvyleutvorennya microrelief field.

Our concept preplant soil compaction is a prerequisite for optimal seed germination even in times of shortage or excess moisture.Easy setup with the ability to block the central regulation of tillage, seeding and hruntouschilnyuvachiv sections.

  • Uniform seeding depth all over the field
  • Addressable fertilizing (PPF-System) in the aisle below the horizon sowing
  • Working width from 3 to 9 m

Aggregated with tractors with power from 80 kW / 110 hp (minimum 35 hp / 1 m working width).

Features Horch Pronto DC

Predposivna soil preparation, seed bed preparation, sowing and packing in one working pass 2-row disk harrow is ideal for the production of fine-grained soil structure at high operating speeds. Scrapers between tire wheel hruntouschilnyuvacha prevent sticking of the soil between the wheels in high humidity, which can evenly compact the soil around the working width adjustable pressure on the shoe provides equal germination under changing conditions. Low net weight. A large amount of bunker. High performance with perfect plating.

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