SUNFLOWER SUNSHINE MAANS S 940 Sonata Guarantee Leasing
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When purchasing the MAANS S 940 Sonata, every buyer receives a state compensation of 25% !!!

Sunflower harvesting kit MAANS S940 Sonata is a universal harvesting cutter for harvesting irrespective of the width of the crop. With this reaper, you can collect a crop with an intermediate row of 40 to 75 cm. The mower is hydraulically adjusted in height directly from the combine operator's cabin, which makes it possible to adjust the harvester to the grade and height of the sunflower. Optional - the ability to hydraulically control the rotational speed of the rope operator, which allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the rotor according to the speed of the combine to achieve maximum efficiency in harvesting. The feeding auger is a single design without additional joints and attachments - this ensures the maximum feed rate of the material to the combine even under the most unfavorable conditions of harvesting. The drive of the feeder screw is equipped with a torque limiter to protect against foreign objects and to prevent equipment breakdown.
PP "VKO" MANAS "possesses the most advanced equipment that allows to comply with the most stringent norms of ISO 9001: 2015. Unrivaled efficiency and reliability of a reaper is confirmed by the certificate of UkrSEPRO.

In the production of MAANS S940 reaper, high quality materials and components of foreign production are used, which is a guarantee of maximum service life and minimum losses during harvesting:

Special stainless hardened wear-resistant steel, which forms a table reaper.
Italian bars and braids.
The original gearbox Schumacher (Germany).
Cardio shaft Bondioli & Pavesi (Italy).
Special powder paint for agricultural machinery.
The original hydro-engine of foreign production.
Adjustable hydraulic drive and rotor position.
Technical data:
Working width - 9.40 m.
The width / length of the dividers is 170/1400 mm.
Inter-axial distance - 225 mm
Screw diameter -390 mm.
Number of slices per minute - 700
Screw swing - 500 mm
Rotation speed - 176 rpm
Weight - 2,800 kg