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up to 3 years without unnecessary documents and hidden fees, decisions in one day

PE "Company Avtolend" offers you the Italian TECHNOMAIS combines with a fixed and complex frame. They can be aggregated with any combine. Possible number of rows: 4-5-6-8-10-12. The spacecraft: 45-50-60-70-75- 80-90 cm. The main advantages of the TECHNOMAIS reel are reliability (due to the complete production cycle of the reaper only in one plant in Italy), the speed (working speed is 10 km / h), perfect grinding (8 knives on longitudinal rollers and 2 knives of the rotary cutter provide perfect shredding and cutting height of 10 cm).   It is better than any advertisement that the Italian harvesters TECHNOMAIS do not work perfectly on the fields of many Ukrainian agroholdings for the first year !!!0992405797

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