Grain header MAANS Contour F900 Guarantee Leasing
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Grain header MAANS Contour F900

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843 000 грн.
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The flexible cutter bar system enables the header system to closely follow the ground in even the toughest terrain changes. The flex range can be adjusted hydraulically at the header or from the cab.
Standard features:
• Hydraulic reel drive
• Auger fingers across the full width of the header
• Automatic reel speed/height control
• Replaceable stainless steel center floor
• Adjustable reel fore/after position from the cab
• Adjustable, spring supported crop dividers for easy flotation
• Spare knife
Header specifications:
Cutting width – 9.1 m
Vertical flex range – 100 mm
Diameter – 580 mm
Speed – 178/151 rpm
Flighting height – 100 mm
Number of reels – 1
Diameter – 1,054 mm
Speed – 11-79 rpm
Hydraulic reel lift – standard
Type – Serrated
Drive – Epicyclical wobble box