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the first time in Ukraine. An exclusive program to exchange your equipment from the company "Autoland"

«Claas on Class !!»

Over the years of our work with you in the market b and new agricultural machinery, we have come to a single conclusion - communication between the dealer and the farmer - a necessary tool to counteract those negative externalities that have developed around. It is for this reason that the management of the company "Autoland" decided to launch an unprecedented and new program of exchange "Claas on Class !!!".

How often is it necessary to buy a Claas combine or buy a John Deere tractor / combine in the absence of funds?

It is not always possible to get the technique without attracting loans, because if it is applicable, the terms and conditions and conditions given by banking institutions are not very profitable. Sell old equipment - spend time on sales, lose some of the cost due to market crashes or mispricing? To simplify these points, the program "Claas on Class !!!" was created.

Participation in the exchange program is possible in just 6 steps:

  • Submit an application for the exchange of Claas / John Deere equipment
  • Wait for the call and discuss your wishes
  • Fill in the form according to the technical parameters of the equipment you want to exchange
  • Get a preliminary evaluation and offer to share
  • Have a review with our technician who will come to you
  • Give away your old equipment and get a new one!

The whole set of actions and registration together with the evaluation is performed for you - absolutely FREE

You can choose a new technique on our site in the section «Product catalog» or with a recruitment specialist.

Application for free cost calculation